Darwin property more expensive than New York and London

The Northern Territory News has reported that houses in Darwin are now more expensive than in New York and London.

Figures from Residex and APM has the median price of a Darwin house at $549,035, or $90,000 more expensive than London. A freestanding house in New York is $80,000 cheaper.

Vancouver (Canada) has a medium house price of $612,000 and was the only city that was more expensive than Darwin. Sydney ranks top place with a medium price of $651,500.

According to the “experts” the prices are justified because of our population growth and shortage of houses.

» Darwin property more expensive than New York and London – News.com.au, 30th Many 2010.


  1. Thanks for the reference and the blog which I have been following for a while. We sold our Darwin IP a few weeks ago and this article reinforces my confidence in that decision, thank you.

  2. That’s right because Darwins skyline is comparable (or even better) to Manhatten skyline, Wall Street, Broadway, Statue of Liberty, vibrant Nightlife, and the list goes on and on……………….what New York offers their habitats, compared to the 300 crocs in Darwin harbour, countless mosquitos and this shitty military museum on Darwins east fringe where the collection is beyond ridicolous.

    The property prices are driving me insane, particular “experts” opinions.

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