Australians hit the internet in record numbers searching for “Property Bubble”

Back in October last year we reported on data from Google Trends showing an increased number of Australians hitting Google to research the term “Housing Bubble”.

This month (February 2014) has seen a significant increase of internet searches and we are barely half way though the month (The last data point includes incomplete data from February).

Searches for the term “Property Bubble” in Australia:

Searches for the term “Housing Bubble” in Australia:

This is good news if the mass population is starting to do their own research, rather than listening to the push media.

» Google Trends – “Property Bubble”


  1. Its about time people started researching The Lima declaration.Video on youtube might give people insight on whats happening.Last time I checked Australia was part of the globe HENCE a Global financial crisis.Think Mcfly.

  2. I didnt search “Australia property bubble” because ive already F__king left that police state shit hole.

    I Would say the doubling ever 7 years bull shit is the hockey stick spike realization. Especially if you minus taxes and other the other costs!! then adjust for inflation and lastly go look in the mirror.

    Its a suicidal scenario for a lot of people!!

  3. When Toyota announced they are closing lots of people blamed wages & compared it to their plant in Georgetown Kentucky. Now Google up Georgetown real estate & have a gander. Sure their wages may be lower, but blow me down as to how much less property is there! Unbelievably so! Companies want to lower pay? Fine. Then lower the obscene price of shelter in this country. (It will be lower soon enough, but we will be too concerned with feeding ourselves to give a shit)

  4. The Feb 2014 datapoint is pro-rata. So it’s possible that upon the end of the month, it will be less than it is now. It is significantly high, though.

  5. Just as this a post on prop bubble & right now there’s an awful lot in all media about Chinese buyers I want to post what I read – just as an opinion & maybe another way to look at it.
    I picked up an English ex pat magazine in Bejing when I was there in ’12.
    There was an interview with an Aussie from the consulate or such. He explained how he got to the job & why China was where he wanted to be. It was a good read & he was a straight up type of guy. But what sticks with me was the answer to the question: what’s the difference between a Chinese & an Australian? – from memory – Picture you self at a beach. 500 meters of sand with one other person there.
    An Aussie will walk as far away from that other person before throwing their towel on the sand.
    A Chinese person walks on to a beach and sits next to the person on the sand, as they we’re the first one there, therefore this is the best spot on the entire beach.’
    Despite all that I’ve read about Chinese buying property in Aus, I cannot help but think of this.
    I’ve seen that buried ceramic army out of Xian, and can’t help but think our property market is so much more fragile………
    How do you say buyer beware in (Latin, Chinese, etc)?

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