Prime Minister experiencing rental stress

According to a News Limited article with the headline “HOUSING STRESS: PM struggles to find a rental property”, Prime Minister Julia Gillard is having trouble finding a rental property in a difficult market.

The number of rental vacancies around the country continue to increase as cost of living pressures force renters to consolidate into share accommodation or move back in with Mum & Dad.

According to SQM research, there were 48,179 rentals vacant around the country in September, up 21% from the same period last year. In Canberra, the home of The Lodge, rental vacancies are up 18%, and in Juila’s home capital of Adelaide, vacancies have shot up 69% in the past year.

But the problem might not be Australia’s rental market where vacancy rates are quickly returning to normal, but the requirements. The Prime Minister needs a rental with secure entry, bulletproof glass and a granny flat for live in accommodation for body guards. It’s unknown if gas is a requirement, or if an electric cooktop will suffice.

ยป HOUSING STRESS: PM struggles to find a rental property


  1. Yup, reading corporate/govt media articles blindly is a task best suited to the perpetually uninformed.

    What an absurd RE/media spruiker twist inserted into the article. Just whom has a house with bullet proof glass aside from the PM?.

    Obviously, preparations for such accommodation take considerable planning and have nothing to do with the general state of the housing market. The security aspect alone surely has considerations that breach primary aspects such as bullet proof glass and guard accommodation.

  2. Julia constantly puts on the “boganism” with her “strine” accent. This is just another stunt that resonates with many “dinky di Aussie battler” voters

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