Property lobby turns to endangered frog to save market from crash

With the super Saturday flop still in memory, Melbourne property lobbyists have turned to a frog in a last ditch effort to try to save the market.

The ABC’s PM reports “Developers say property prices in Melbourne’s urban growth corridors may skyrocket because of an endangered frog.”

According to Tony De Domenico, executive director of the Urban Development Institute, the endangered frog could add up to $10,000 per block of land in the years ahead.

» Melbourne property prices may skyrocket due to endangered frog – The ABC, 29th November 2011.
» Super slow sales on real estate market’s ‘Super Saturday’ – The Herald Sun, 28th November 2011.


  1. They can add whatever they want to the value of the alotments, they’ll only be cutting their own throats. Affordability is shot and people aren’t buying. They’d be better off lobbying business leaders to increase pay rises rather than stiffing employees to preserve their massive bonuses………but that’ll never happen.

  2. F**kquits, I love the latest RP Data for year to October. Add some inflation of 3% and Brisbane is down by over 10% in ten months!!!!!!

    No frog fixing this housing crash, seems to be accelerating now….Its different here we have the world’s best treasurer!

    Wayne Swan has no idea, he is a baffoon who lies to the public about the state of affairs.

    Super Saturday was a frogging flop nationwide, not just in the Greek Capital.
    Remember house prices aren’t falling , they are just flat.

  3. More like frogs sitting in water heating slowly until it is too late. The smart frogs jumped out last year and sold their property investments. As a first home buyer I would certainly not jump in now and buy at these overheated prices.

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