Written Off: Negative Gearing

Prosper Australia invites you to an presentation on Negative Gearing to be held in Melbourne next Tuesday night (2nd October). Karl Fitzgerald describes the session:

In what promises to be the most extensive research yet into negative gearing, Philip Soos has assembled an extensive array of data to dispute that negative gearing is integral to rental and housing affordability.

Participants in the event will learn just how much this write off has cost tax payers over the last 20 years, how this behaviour has affected housing supply and whether the quarantining of negative gearing 1985 – 87 genuinely affected real rents.

To find out more and RSVP, click here.


  1. you really need to get the MSM involved in this otherwise it’s a pointless ‘preaching to the converted’ affair.

    Seeing that property mafia has bought Ch Nein(9) and Ch Spruik(7) your best bet is to try and get 4corners(2) or SBS to turn up.

  2. A friend recently told me his family bought a block of apartments in West End, Qld, 30 years ago for $500,000. He reckons they had to pour a lot of cash into the investment, and Negative gearing is not as lucrative as it is cracked up to be!

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