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Australian Housing

Sydney value agnostic investor bubble shows no sign of abatement

‘Crazy’ value agnostic investors continue to leverage up in an environment of poor rental growth, according to investor mortgage finance commitments released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Friday. In the year to April, NSW property investors have borrowed $64.2 billion to spurge on the residential property market, another

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Sydney Housing Bubble

#adviceforjoe: Dear Joe…

An open letter from Mel Wilson, Human Resources professional and mother of two from Wodonga, Victoria to Treasurer Joe Hockey. Please share Mel Wilson’s facebook post here. Dear Joe, I just wanted to touch base with you regarding your comment that young people are able to enter the property market

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Australian Economy

Adelaide property market “denied” jump start

According to Channel 10 Adelaide, The Reserve Bank of Australia has “denied” the Adelaide property market a much needed boost by leaving rates unchanged. You could be mistaken for thinking it was 1989 and the official cash rate was 17 per cent. But, no, the report aired yesterday after the